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Testimonials for Cloud Live and Gordon Carmichael (Managing Director)

Type of business: Carbon Reduction and Energy Performance Certificates
Scope of work: Strategy and Business Development for a start up business

“Gordon actively helped ———- win a major contract that underpinned the success of the business in the first year. He was able to help my company navigate through the complex hoop jumping required to win business with a major plc and establish the credibility to win further business.”

RB, Director


Type of business: Craftsman based high end bespoke Kitchen business
Scope of work: Business Planning, Cash Flow improvement, Exit Strategy and Marketing

“We have worked with Gordon since October 2009 and were impressed by how quickly he got up to speed with the operation of the business and with the problems of running of a small manufacturing business in today’s economic climate. He soon learnt the objectives of the directors and provided clarity through the business planning. He has also provided considerable assistance in clarifying the exit strategy options. He has provided advice and practical help with marketing and web strategy which are ongoing.

We would not hesitate in recommending Cloud Live to other businesses for the help and support they offer.”

BH, Director


Type of business: Security Solution Business
Scope of work: London 2012 tender submission using the capabilities of multiple businesses

“Gordon was able to pull together the expertise and skills necessary to respond to a complex tender. Without the help of Gordon and his team we would not have had the management capacity to understand the tender process and make a credible response that punched above our weight.”

PH, Managing Director


Type of business: Cross Divisional Business Development
Scope of work: Strategy and Business Development

“Gordon was great to work for, both as a line manager and as a valued colleague. Gordon encouraged and enabled me to be the sort of self-driven achiever that I like to be. My time with Gordon will be a career highlight and was significantly made so by him sharing with me, and mentoring me in, his entrepreneurial approach, his strategic focus and business networking at senior levels on my behalf. Gordon can be relied upon not to ‘micro-manage’ and to trust, motivate and support his colleagues to the best effect. If there was the opportunity in the future to work with Gordon again, I would relish the prospect.”

SD, Security Solutions Director


Type of business: Medical Practice
Scope of work: Business advice, cash flow and operational efficiency

“Cloud Live worked with us while we were investing in the provision of additional private services to complement our existing practice. We were able to implement the required back office functions, without new staff, through the use of technology and improved processes. The private services have generated additional profit while maintaining the existing high standard of care provided by the practice.”

JT, Owner and Senior Partner


Type of business: Mobile Telecom
Scope of work: Market evaluation for a new mobile service and partner development

“The knowledge of UK mobile operators helped ———- to quickly evaluate the opportunity for our new service. Cloud Live was able to engage with the potential partners necessary to build a solution ecosystem.”

CM, Managing Director


Type of business: Major Events
Scope of work: Strategy and Business Development

“Having worked with Gordon over a number of years I can vouch for his good character and hard working ethics. In my dealings with Gordon I have found him to be both professional, energetic and self-motivated. Gordon has been instrumental in positioning ———- to be best able to address key business opportunities including London 2012. I would have no hesitation in both working alongside Gordon or recommending him as a key member of any team.”

HM, Vice President


Type of business: Mobile Telecom
Scope of work: Turnaround, Strategy and Business Development

“I worked closely with Gordon during my time at Siemens Mobile and Siemens One and can thoroughly recommend him. His core strengths lie in new technology and innovation; he also has a strong customer focus and is skilled in all aspects of business development. Gordon also demonstrated a flair for business transformation and cultural change. He would be a major asset to any organisation.”

GS, Business Development Director


Type of business: Process Instrumentation
Scope of work: Maximising the synergy benefits during the integration of an acquired company

“Gordon successfully managed the integration of the acquired company and joined the board for ten months to guide the implementation of the required organisational and operational changes.”

RP, Finance Director


Type of business: Software and Intellectual Property
Scope of work: Business planning, business development and market creation

“Gordon put in place the framework to enable the investment in market testing of our disruptive technology. A proof of concept trial was achieved in a major potential client with compelling results and enabled ——— to start contractual negotiations.”

GS, Communications Sector Director


Type of business: Telecom (Cordless Telephones)
Scope of work: Creation of the required infrastructure and organisation for this divested business

“Our business had become non core and was divested and set up as a separate company. Gordon supported the transition and the creation of the new business. He ensured that the HR issues were solved and that issues with the previous parent were sorted. This enabled me to concentrate on the critical issue of wining of new business.”

JS, Managing Director


Type of business: Process Analytics (Gas)
Scope of work: Manage the setup of a new business formed from an acquisition from a competitor and an existing group business

“Within 4 months the combined business was operational in new premises with all the required facilities including the handling of dangerous gases and low volume manufacturing. This was done within budget. All key staff were retained and the transition was seamless to our customers. A business plan was written and implemented to achieve growth. Some necessary tough decisions were taken with regard to the channel strategy of the business.”

US, Group Managing Director


Type of business: Industrial Automation
Scope of work: Channel strategy overhaul to maximise the volume and profitability of business via Distributors and System Integrators when two businesses were merged

“Gordon took the bull by the horns to ensure that existing strong relationships were not damaged and that the potential of wider distribution was exploited. Gordon convinced me to take the path of channel rationalisation rather than wholesale expansion and this resulted in stronger relationships with our selected partners, growth, higher margins and lower cost of sales.”

GP, Managing Director


Type of business: Building Technology
Scope of work: Creation of a proposition for Integrated Building Technology with business cases and engage at a higher level in the supply chain

“I was approached by Gordon with a proposal to create a higher level solution with significant client benefits. A planned move to new offices was used as an opportunity for proof of concept. A £2.5m investment in Integrated Building technology was approved and implemented. The resulting energy efficiency and operational improvements proved the business cases and provided a reference for external customers. Gordon managed the multi divisional team that architected the solution and drove the strategy to develop customer relationships much higher in the construction supply chain.”

CM, Managing Director


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