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Cloud Live is a partner with RandDTax – we successfully claim Research and Development Tax Credits for innovative companies developing products, systems, services or processes using science & technology. RandDTax have helped over 1350 companies gain a total of more than £154m. R&D Tax Credits are applicable to more companies than is often thought and the average value of a claim to a Small and Medium sized business is over £50K.

You may be due a cash payment – contact us for a no obligation discussion. Click on the RandDTax logo or here to download a short document that explains the opportunity to claim, summarises the HMRC statistics for SME claims and shows example benefit values for profitable and loss making companies.

Download our leaflet describing the benefits for RandDTax clients: RandDTax Leaflet for Clients
If you are an accountant, download our leaflet explaining how we partner and work with you: RandDTax Leaflet for Accountants

Can your SME Company claim Research and Development Tax Credits or Tax Relief?

There are three key tests:

1.  Are you using Science or Technology to develop or research a new product, system, process or service? Are you doing something new or significantly improving something and creating an advance?

2.  Is there a process of trial, test and error to find a solution? Your company needs to have competence in your area of development (this is highly likely). Are you facing uncertainty in:

What the solution will be

What the outcome will be

Can you actually do it

3.  Are you holding the financial risk of the development? You can be paid for your work as long as the payment is ultimately for a successful outcome. If you don’t take the risk your client is doing the R&D and not you.

RandDTax have a 100% success rate in helping clients. Contact us now to see if you qualify and to get an estimate of the the size of your claim.

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